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AFFIRMATION POSITIVE : An amazing 72% of our self-talk is negative! Positive affirmations are a great way of learning a more positive state of mind…










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Psychologists estimate that about 72% of our self-talk is self-critical or negative! AFFIRMATION POSITIVE

To put in perspective how bad this affects us, here’s an example:

Say you have a bad argument or a negative, conversation with someone (who is criticizing you) that lasts, say 15 minutes. Try and think back to an argument or negative conversation you might have had where you felt upset as a result.

Imagine how these words affected you. Imagine how it made you feel.

The likelihood is that you would then experience some negative thoughts and feelings because of that negative conversation. And these negative thoughts may also trigger physical reactions, which include tension or your heart rate getting faster for example.

That’s a big effect for only 15 minutes of negative or critical conversation!

So just think how badly affected you are by your thoughts, when you are around your own negative, stressful, worrisome or self-critical self-talk twenty-four-seven!!! AFFIRMATION POSITIVE

When you think about it, you talk to yourself (by way of your thoughts) every waking moment of your life. No-one can hear those thoughts – that inner-dialogue. No-one can hear them but you.

And no-one can control them but you…

So pay attention to your internal dialogue. If you are depressed, then your internal dialogue is probably very negative.

Keep your AFFIRMATION POSITIVE! Be aware of what you say to yourself. Learn to thinking positively by purposefully saying positive affirmations to yourself. They can really help to turn your thoughts around...

Remember that you are with yourself twenty-four-seven, so being around your negative thoughts all the time is bound to worsen your depression. You are your own company after all.

So try to think as positively as you can. But how?

What can you do to change your thoughts to more positive ones?


Next, how you can learn a healthier state of mind... AFFIRMATION POSITIVE

AFFIRMATION POSITIVE...back to positive internal dialogue



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