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Nothing in this world is more important than a healthy state of mind. You sleep better…

...things are easier to cope with… life is exciting… you feel motivated and enthusiastic… everything is an exciting opportunity…

The good news is that there are ways to learn a more positive way of thinking – of learning a calmer, more relaxed state of mind.

Meditations, positive affirmations (AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE), gratitude journals, and self-talk, are all ways that can help to change your thought patterns (but if you are moderately or severely depressed, then you should consult your doctor who will prescribe you a more appropriate course of action).

a healthier state of mind

It’s like planting a seed. Nourish your mind with continued repetition of positive affirmations ((AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE)) everyday and you will find yourself beginning to think more calmly and positively.

Give yourself time for the positive talk (AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE) to sink into your psyche – it takes time.


keep your AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE & repeat them often...

Repetition is the key. Like a seed growing, the more you nourish your mind with a particular positive thought, the more powerful it will become in your mind.

So keep your AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE and repeat them every day.

Next, learn how positive company can help you fight depression... AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE


AFFIRMATIONS POSITIVE...back to how at least 72% of your self-talk is likely to be negative



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