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Impact On Lifestyle

A major CAUSE OF DEPRESSION can be the negative impact of










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Is it any wonder that you feel depressed when most days you’re unable to stay up for even a few hours?

When you can’t make even a simple trip to the post office or have enough energy to do the washing up?

Is it surprising that it might get you down when some days you can barely get out of bed due to the sheer inexplicable exhaustion and weakness you are feeling?

ME/CFS and FMS can turn your world upside down and the negative effect it has on your lifestyle can be a definite CAUSE OF DEPRESSION.

Many sufferers feel that they become a mere shadow of how they were in ‘pre-illness’ times.

ME/CFS and FMS have a huge impact on your lifestyle...

Feeling exhausted, weak and unwell all the time; Unable to achieve even a fraction of the work or functioning you were able to achieve ‘pre-illness’; The frustration of it all…

…these are all depressing in themselves and can play a major role in the severity of your depression symptoms as a CFS/FMS sufferer.

These things really can be a CAUSE OF DEPRESSION.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Accepting your condition and the ‘limitations’ it imposes on you, a positive outlook, and pacing, can all help to make a life for yourself.

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