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A great and highly recommended book on CFS DIET is Christine-Craggs-Hinton’s ‘The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet (Overcoming Common Problems)’…


CFS DIET“The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet
(Overcoming Common Problems)
by Christine Craggs-Hinton

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Amazon Readers Rating: CFS DIET

Review By: Claire, Sleepydust Editor, Amazon and an Amazon reader

This book really woke me up to the importance of what you eat when you have ME/CFS.

As a CFS/ME sufferer, you depend even more on filling your body with immune-system enhancing, energy-boosting nutrients – so your diet is reeeeeeeaally important!

This book tells you about those nutrients – what food you should eat, what food you shouldn’t eat, which supplements to take – it even has a collection of recipes to try.

What I like the most about this book is its detox program, and the way the author takes a ‘laid-back’ attitude to sticking to it – her view is – stick to the program as much as possible, even if its just a little – and if you don’t stick to it as well as you had hoped – no worries, as long as you keep persevering and don’t give up!

As a CFS/ME sufferer, you usually have food intolerances and toxic build up which essentially makes you feel a lot worse. The detox program in this book is great because it is written specifically for CFS sufferers.

There are many detox books out there but since they are not catered specifically for CFS sufferers, you never really know which parts of the detox programs would make your conditions worse. So there is always a degree of uncertainty and doubt there.

Thankfully, the detox program in Chapter 6 of this book is written just for CFS sufferers. By eating fruit, vegetables, fresh juices, and plenty of water, you can cleanse your body and remove the toxins, which make you feel so much worse.

This is definitely a book that I am glad I bought, and one that I would have no hesitation in recommending to fellow ME/CFS/PVFS sufferers.

Here is Amazon’s description of this book:

“It’s a sad fact that conventional medications merely treat the symptoms of CFS/ME, rather than addressing the underlying problems.

Maybe one day scientists will find a cure - a pill or a potion that will miraculously energise sufferers, that will end the aching, the poor sleep, the memory and concentration problems, the food and chemical intolerances etc.

However, until that day arrives, the best option is a little less straight-forward and demanding of a lot more effort. But it is the best option, nevertheless. What is it?

A ‘tailor-made’ diet.

Food is actually the finest medicine we can put into our bodies, it is the best means of influencing health. Not only does food keep us alive, it also works to repair and regenerate the tissues, warding off further disease and allowing a longer, more fruitful life.

Because certain foods act on certain parts of the body, it has been possible to devise a diet, which targets the problem areas in CFS/ME.

Consequently, this book describes the foods, which help to strengthen the immune system, the endocrine system and the central nervous system. It also explains how to overcome the food intolerances and toxic build-up which are perhaps universal in CFS/ME.

The nutritional supplements known to be beneficial in treating the condition are also outlined, as is the important 21-day detoxification programme.

The book also gives advice on treating the underlying problems with often occur with CFS/ME, such as adrenal exhaustion, low blood sugar, hypothyroidism and candida.

A seven-day sample menu is provided, followed by many appetising recipes, which are made up of the recommended foods.”


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“A fascinating insight into the world of healing foods; The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet aims to help and advise CFS/ME sufferers on how to strengthen their immune system.

Part One is set into eight Chapters, including:

  • Beginning To Make Changes for the Better
  • Vital Nutrients
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Toxin Overload

Part Two consists of 32 pages of Healing Recipes, many of which are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.”

-- Miss L Sargent from England --

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