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Books on CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME AND TREATMENT: Here’s a great book by CFS/M.E. sufferer, Lynn Michell, called 'Shattered: Life With M.E.’…


'Shattered: Life with M.E.'

by Lynn Michell

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Review By: from inside flap of book, Amazon and an Amazon reader

Lynn Michell's 'Shattered' has been nominated for the UK MIND "book of the year" 2004.

Lynn Michell tells of haunting episodes in her own life with M.E., a 'still life' suspended by a savagely capricious illness, as well as the stories of many others - men, women, and young people.

These voices convey the complexity of M.E., an illness which deals out a slightly different hand of cards each time it strikes.

This tapestry of voices is held together by Lynn's own intelligent, loving, and often angry commentary. And her purpose is unwavering throughout: to help others with this cruel illness find acknowledgement and validation in a cruel world.

Inspiring stories , not simply of broken lives, but of survival and hope in the face of terrible adversity.”

-- Dr Vance Spence --

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Offering a personal insight into life as an M.E. sufferer, "Shattered" should be of help to sufferers in their fight for recognition and a comfort in their hour of need.

The first person snapshots of sufferers of all ages, describing the many different forms this illness can take and the effects it can have.

The book paints a bleak picture of a "life interrupted" and the lack of support and stigma from the public and the medical professions.

Yet, readers should be able to draw hope and support from the shared stories.

In addition to the stories of living with M.E., "Shattered" includes:

  • advice on how to deal with social workers, teachers and other professionals
  • advice on how to deal with relationships
  • an exploration of life with M.E. from a young person's perspective
  • an exploration on the effect of M.E. on family life
  • advice on how to cope if you're a parent of an M.E. sufferer
  • recommended complementary therapies
  • and therapists' views on treating M.E.”

-- Taken From Amazon's synopsis --

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The Must Have Book; Powerfully written, it puts the human face to a disease suffered by over 250,000 people in the UK alone - 25,000 of them children.

ME/CFS is for many, the living death. There is no proven efficacious treatment and there is no cure.

This is an intelligent book. It takes the reader into the lives of sufferers, it provokes and it is real. No pathos and no over emotion although it is terribly sad in parts, this book tells it like it is.

Shattered is not only a book for people with ME, but for all of us.

It's a Must Have, Can't Put It Down item. It's excellent.

-- A reader from London United Kingdom --

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