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Definition Of Depression

What Is Depression?

Read about the definition of depression, below.

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Depression can be a condition in its own right, or a symptom of another illness or condition (such as Myalgic Encephalopathy / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia).

Depression is a very lonely, frustrating and soul-destroying condition that requires support from friends, family, the medical profession and the community at large. The severity of depression can range from mild depression (which might be helped by natural herbal remedies and self help)... severe clinical depression which needs medical attention and treatment.

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Definition Of Depression

Depression can last for a few weeks or depression can go on for years.

Definition Of Depression

*depression* n. Psychol. An emotional state of mind characterized by feelings of gloom and inadequacy, leading to withdrawal. Depression is a mental state of excessive sadness characterized by persistently low mood, loss of pleasure and interest.

To be considered a clinical condition, depression symptoms have a duration of at least 2 weeks and include:

  • decreases or sometimes increases in weight (symptom depression )
  • sluggish activity (symptom depression )
  • disturbance in sleep (symptom depression )
  • appetite (symptom depression )
  • and concentration.

-- Definition of Depression, Collins English Dictionary & Hyperdictionary --

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