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What’s The Point Of Psychotherapy?

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Psychotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’.


Psychotherapy uses psychological methods to ‘treat’ mental or emotional disorders and other related problems.

There is a stigma attached to depression and psychotherapy , which I (Sleepydust Editor and long-time CFS sufferer) don’t quite understand.

Some think that by admitting that you are depressed, or worse – by actually going to therapy – you’re admitting weakness. You’re just a weak person and that's that.

Hmnnn… well I thoroughly disagree! DEFINITION PSYCHOTHERAPY

Weakness Or Strength?

It’s all too easy to ignore your depression and to pretend it’s not there.

It’s all too easy to carry on as ‘normal’ – even if you’re dismally unhappy and feel like you’re silently drowning inside…

It takes a much stronger, braver person to admit and accept that they are depressed and need help.

This is so important that I’ll say it again:

It takes a much stronger,
braver person to admit
and accept that they are
depressed and need help.

Think Of It Like This...


Think of your mind like a ball of wool – a very tangled, knotted ball of wool (your thoughts, memories, ways of coping and your feelings). And you have boxing gloves on (your ability to see yourself and your situation clearly)…

If you took that knotty ball of wool and tried to make something out of it, you’d come to an abrupt stop pretty soon because:

1) there are huge tangles and knots in it (your negative thoughts, memories, ways of coping and your feelings) - so many that you don't know where to start,

2) you have huge boxing gloves on! Doh!

But what if someone comes along and helps you to unravel this ball of wool?

Someone who doesn’t have boxing gloves on, but comes along with tools to unravel the knots and tangles (or in other words, someone who can take a step back and see things clearly instead of fumbling around in despair).


The root of our depression is often so personal – so delicate – so complicated - that we often can’t see things clearly enough in our heads to unravel our thoughts, memories and feelings. It’s almost like… we’re too close to it.

Too close for comfort. Too close to see the real picture.

We need someone...

...someone who’s trained... someone who can give us an objective point of view – someone who can gently guide us and ask the right questions in order to help us make sense of it all.

After all – we go to school to learn how to write a sentence, add up, identify the parts of the body...

...but we aren’t taught how to deal with our thoughts and feelings. We aren’t taught that…

I've found a great online PSYCHOTHERAPY service that you might find interesting. You can have sessions via email, telephone, or Instant Messaging (real-time chat sessions on your computer, where you type instead of talk).

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Next, how PSYCHOTHERAPY might change your life... DEFINITION PSYCHOTHERAPY


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