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'Climbing Out of Depression:
A Short, Practical Guide on How to Recover from Depression'

by Sue Atkinson

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Review By: Claire, Sleepydust Editor, Amazon and Amazon readers

Depression is a terrible ordeal that many CFS and FMS sufferers can go through. This symptom of CFS and FMS has a massive impact on your being… and yet it is often overlooked or ignored.

But facing up to your depression can be a liberating experience that can make you feel much, much better… it can even change your life!

So take the time to take your depression seriously. Read up on it. Find support. And this book can get you started…

“After 9 years of depression, I finally have hope! A small book, but filled with big things. This inspirational work is not only changing my life, but that of my immediate friends and family who now have an understanding of what has been going on. If you suffer from depression it may well help you get started on the road to recovery, if you know someone who suffers read it - it will help you to help them and in turn they can help themselves. I can't recommend this book highly enough.”
-- Denise from West Wales --

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Here is the Synopsis from Amazon:

“Depression is a dark and isolating experience.

Countless people suffer from it.

Anyone who has fallen into a pit of depression wants to climb back out. But that is not easy to do.

Depressed people often feel paralyzed into inaction. So help is needed - practical, humane and spiritual help. Which is just what this book offers. Aimed at people suffering from depression, this text provides a wealth of practical advice and ideas for overcoming it.

The connecting thread throughout the chapters is the picture of someone who has fallen down a cliff, making the climb back up.

Sue Atkinson has suffered years of depression herself. She does not write as an expert, but as someone who knows the feelings from close personal experience.

This is what makes this book helpful. It does not contain page after page of unbroken print, but a varied menu of hints, quotations and illustrations.”

And here are some more reviews from Amazon readers:

“Simply amazing.

Most helpful one I've read on the subject.

The layout is ideal for a sufferer- no huge chunks of text to put you off when concentration is difficult.

And yet what is written is helpful, in depth in places- not just clichés and platitudes.

The text is broken up with quotations and helpful snippets that make browsing and skimming through just as rewarding as sitting down to read it front-to-back.


Buy it if you're a sufferer. Treat yourself. You'll love it.

Buy it for a friend who is a sufferer. They'll love you for it.”

-- A reader from Kent. England --

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“This is one of the best books on depression I have ever read, and it has a permanent place on my bedside table. It is gentle and comforting, and very easy to read - either all in one sitting, or to dip into as you need to.”

-- A reader from London, United Kingdom --


Very helpful book! This is a very helpful book. It has some excellent tips and will benefit almost every individual who suffers from depression.”

-- An Amazon reader, United Kingdom --

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