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If you suffer from DEPRESSION FIGHT it by lifting your spirits. Try listening to audio books – they can really take your mind off things…










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When you’re depressed, you don’t really feel motivated to do anything – it’s almost like you lost your enthusiasm for life.

Even reading a book becomes uninteresting.

But books have an amazing knack of transporting you to another world – you forget about yourself – just for those few engrossing moment while you’re lost in the book.

Ok, so you may not be motivated enough to read. But with an audio book, you just have to listen.

Even if you’re not that interested in it at first, it only takes a while until your ears start to pick up the storyline, and if it’s a good book – you might even begin to enjoy it!

So go on! Get carried away into mystical lands, far away countries, and fantastic adventures!

Okay, it might not be a cure but audio books certainly can make your DEPRESSION FIGHT more bearable...

Sleepydust have reviewed some of the best audio books available for you!

Click here for the audio books section…

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