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Psychotherapy Gives You A Chance To Grow

If you suffer from DEPRESSION FIGHT it with psychotherapy. It will also give you a chance to grow...










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Did you know that the Chinese symbol for crisis is the same as for opportunity?

In your DEPRESSION FIGHT , remember

The Chinese symbol for crisis is

the same as for opportunity.

Yes indeed. It's all about how you choose to see things...

How Do You Choose To See Things?

You have a choice. You can choose to see things positively or negatively.

With debilitating illnesses like CFS, FMS or depression, it's understandable that most people regard their illness as a crisis. In many respects it is.

But you can choose to see your ‘crisis’ differently.

If the Chinese symbol for crisis is the same symbol as for opportunity, then it means that you can perhaps choose to see your situation as an one too.

'WHAT????!!!!' I hear you scream...DEPRESSION FIGHT

This is difficult to grasp, I know. And many of you will probably be frowning at me wondering how I (sleepydust editor and long time CFS sufferer) could ever even suggest such a thing.

Now don't get me wrong! I'm not suggesting that CFS/FMS is a 'good' thing - because it most definitely is not!

And having the condition is most certainly a crisis in many ways...

... but in every cloud there's a silver lining.

Every experience, good and bad, gives you inner strength and wisdom.

For example, you could choose to regard your illness as an ‘opportunity’ for you to grow spiritually and emotionally (in a way that you might not have done if you were ‘well’).

Now this way of thinking is rather difficult when you're feeling weak, exhausted, depressed and unmotivated...

...but if you do learn to regard your condition in a 'different' way, it’s somehow not so bad to cope with. I can vouch for that (as a long time CFS sufferer myself).

In fact, this different perspective on your condition can make your 'DEPRESSION FIGHT' a lot easier... because you see at least some 'opportunities' whereas before you only saw 'crisis'.

And that means you're changing your way of thinking - to a more positive one...

... and that's the key... DEPRESSION FIGHT

It's so difficult to recover from a chronic illness if you're severely depressed and can see no way out. So working on lifting your depression really is important.

And psychotherapy can give you that chance. The chance to see things in a different way...

Digging Up What You've Buried For So Long

Psychotherapy is partly about communicating with the subconscious.

It’s about digging up everything you’ve buried for so long that stops you from accepting yourself and living happily.

It’s about accepting, adjusting, and learning a new way of thinking – a new perspective on life.

And if you are depressed, then the chances are, there is something you need to explore deep down.

So consider the way you think about yourself in your DEPRESSION FIGHT.

The key to your DEPRESSION FIGHT is to think positively.

And you can learn that through a 'talking' therapy like pschotherapy.

Next, how your DEPRESSION FIGHT can be painful but oh! so rewarding... DEPRESSION FIGHT


DEPRESSION FIGHT...back to finding the right therapist


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