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Learning About Yourself In Your DEPRESSION FIGHT

Have you considered getting help with your DEPRESSION FIGHT with psychotherapy sessions? Not only does therapy help you fight depression, you also learn about yourself…










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The first part of your therapy is likely to be heart-wrenching and confusing. It really can be a 'DEPRESSION FIGHT '...

Strength, Balance & Clarity

In the early years of suffering from CFS, I (Sleepydust Editor) was lucky enough to have psychotherapy.

And oh! The things I learnt about myself were incredible!

It gave me the strength, balance, clarity and the positivity I have today. And it has made my suffering from CFS/M.E. that much more bearable.

But it was not without a lot of hard work on my part...

I came out of the first half of my sessions in tears and managed to sob straight through them!

But at the same time, they were eye-opening...

What It's Like...

It’s like reading a book about yourself…

...an in-depth book where you are the narrator and the therapist is your guide.

Every time you open up a new chapter of 'your book', you’ll probably feel confused and wounded but at the same time, you’ll also learn something more about yourself.

And you'll be more aware of how you have learned to handle things in order to cope.

The Importance Of Your Coping Strategies

Now we all have coping strategies. We learnt them from our experiences since we were wee babies.

We all cope with things in different ways – but some coping strategies are better than others. And that is what psychotherapy helps you to figure out.

Psychotherapy will help you to understand why you have chosen to cope with things in the way that you have and help you to learn to cope with things in a more positive way.

The more you explore your past, the more you learn why you do the things you do – react to things in the way that you do, and so forth.

This (hopefully) leads you to your eventual understanding and acceptance (hard but true) of what has happened in the past.

And once you have learnt to accept, you can learn how to move forward with your life.

Indeed the second half of your psychotherapy can help you learn to see things differently – to see things positively, and to react positively.

Are Involved In the Process!

It’s hard work. You don’t just talk about your problems and then sit back and wait for a miracle.

You have to really focus on your thoughts and your emotions… you have to treat yourself as homework!

But for me, it was the most exhilarating and probably the most crucial thing I have ever done in my life.

Not only did I 'win' the DEPRESSION FIGHT but under-going therapy has certainly helped me to deal positively with having CFS/ME today.

OK, it may not be for everyone, but...

...I really recommend you try it. DEPRESSION FIGHT

So, my final words about 'talking' therapies? Here goes...

Be Proud

Having 'talking therapy' sessions to combat your DEPRESSION FIGHT can be an enlightening experience that can really strengthen you.

It most definitely is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite!

Admitting that you have things to work through is most definitely a sign of strength.

It's also one of the first major steps in your DEPRESSION FIGHT.

It's far easier to ignore it and brush it under the carpet - but that often means that the issues that really trouble you will never really go away. At least not until you address them...


You will find the right psychotherapist for you - maybe not on the first, second, fifth - even tenth try - but they are out there!

Indeed, for most people (including myself), one of the first difficult steps in their DEPRESSION FIGHT is trying to actually find the right therapist!

Most people assume that the first therapist they come across will be just fine.

And that's why so many people give up after they find they don't 'click' with them!

So remember this...

Everyone is different. Different strokes for different folks!

Don't give up - just keep looking for the right therapist for you. You'll know when you find a therapist you 'click' with.

Don't use the fact that you haven't yet found a therapist that's right for you, as an excuse for giving up on 'talking therapies'.

That therapist is out there!

Treat Yourself As Homework

It's not called a 'DEPRESSION FIGHT' for nothing!

You are working - yes working - on you.

These times require a lot of 'reflection' on your part. About your past, about your present, and future.

In doing so - in muddling through, you will learn things about yourself that will make you a more peaceful, positive, balanced and strong person.

And most importantly...

Try As Hard As You Can To Think Positively And Fill Your Heart With Hope

Arm yourself with positive thinking in your DEPRESSION FIGHT. Be open to the possibility that you can learn a more positive way of thinking and...

Just don’t give up.

Next, how music therapy can in your DEPRESSION FIGHT... DEPRESSION FIGHT


DEPRESSION FIGHT...back to looking at how you cope with things in your DEPRESSION FIGHT


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