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How Loneliness Can Contribute To Depression

Loneliness can play a big role in your DEPRESSION FIGHT . This page brings you tips on how you can find help and support in your DEPRESSION FIGHT …










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When you have ME/CFS/FMS, you are often not well enough to go out much (if at all) – even to the local shop.

Sometimes even talking on the phone takes too much of the precious little energy you have.

You sleep at odd hours and sometimes you sleep all the way through the day, which means people often can’t reach you unless they ring you in the middle of the night!

Staying in touch with friends becomes more and more difficult as the disabling physical symptoms of CFS or FMS take over.

In fact, many sufferers become isolated from their family and friends for that very reason.

And the loneliness experienced by many sufferers can be extremely depressing.

But it does not have to be that way!

Your DEPRESSION FIGHT doesn't have to be done alone!

“As a CFS sufferer myself (who is largely housebound), I found a wealth of support and friendship online via CFS and FMS chatrooms.

The great thing is that the people you meet on there know exactly what you are going through…

...because they’re going through it too!

I remember feeling relieved and amazed at the number of times I’d hear, ‘oh yes, I know that feeling/problem all too well’ from fellow CFS and FMS sufferers online.

In fact, many of these have gone on to become some of my dearest friends – and they live all over the world!

So I really recommend getting involved in the CFS, FMS online community!”

-- Claire, Sleepydust Editor and long-time PVFS/CFS sufferer --

Sleepydust have a community area set up just for you!

You can find help, support, and friendship from other CFS, FMS, and depression sufferers on the message board.

So don’t go through your CFS, FMS or DEPRESSION FIGHT on your own!

You really don’t have to!

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