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But Are Faced With Medical Scepticism...

DEPRESSION HELP : Many MYALGIC ENCEPHALOPATHY and FIBROMYALGIA sufferers are faced with medical scepticism when all they need is DEPRESSION HELP and help with their condition …










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Another possible contributing factor to the depression experienced by CFS or FMS sufferers could be the medical scepticism faced by many sufferers.

Unfortunately, many just don't get the DEPRESSION HELP they need.

There are unfortunately still some doctors out there who don’t believe that the conditions even exist, or know so little about them that they are unable to give the correct advice so badly needed by their patient.

Bad advice (even if given with good intentions) is bad enough – it can make you ten times worse if you follow it, and can take you months or even years to recover from it.

But that can be prevented by making sure that you at least are well-informed about your condition.

Sleepydust really recommend that you read at least one good book on your condition – knowing your stuff could make that real difference with how you cope with, and recover from your illness.


Sleepydust have reviewed some of best books on M.E./CFS, FMS, and Depression for you in the book section...

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What can perhaps be even more upsetting though, is when your doctor doesn’t even acknowledge your illness.

This can be so demoralising that it can definitely be a contributing factor to your depression as a CFS/FMS sufferer.

If you feel that you’re banging your head against the wall in trying to convince your doctor that your condition is real and needs addressing, then maybe it’s time to think about changing your doctor. DEPRESSION HELP

Thankfully, there are doctors out there who know their stuff about CFS/ME and FMS and do a great job in advising and supporting their patients.

Even if they don’t know much about it, other doctors are open to learning more about the condition and work with their patients to find the best recovery program.

And these doctors are solid gold! So treat them well! DEPRESSION HELP


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