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Mild Depression Medicines


Laughter can be one of the best mild depression medicines. Why? Because there really is a connection between humour and health.

In fact, the late magazine editor Norman Cousins, who suffered from a usually crippling and irreversible connective tissue disease, claimed that his recovery was helped by laughing himself through the whole 'Marx Brothers' collection.

Laughing really does help to lift your spirits. And it shouldn't be ignored as one of the best and natural mild depression medicines.

"The most wasted day of all is that during which we have not laughed."

-- R. N. Chamfort --


So make sure you add a big dose of laughter to your day. How about watching a few episodes of comedy sitcoms, or watching some comedy films or stand-up shows? Watch funny programs on television. Read funny books or listen to funny audio books.

And laugh! It can be one of the best mild depression medicines out there.


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