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One tip for dealing with depression is to start a new project - something that you love doing!

Why not find something that motivates and inspires you and start a new project? When you feel low or depressed, getting going is often the most difficult part. But once you get the ball rolling, it may help to introduce a period of fun and achievement into your day.


What kind of project or hobby would you love to do?

Better still - is there anything you've ever thought you'd love to do, but never got round to doing it? How about grabbing a quick piece of paper and brainstorming all those things where you've thought, 'Hey that would be cool to do!' See what you come up with - you might surprise yourself!

It could be re-decorating a room in your house, sewing, patchwork, beadwork, gardening, cooking, writing some short stories, painting...

...anything that you can lose yourself in that allows you to enjoy yourself and express yourself creatively.

"Many of us imagine that it would be pure bliss to lie on a tropical beach all day sipping cocktails, with nothing busier to do than apply fresh layers of suntan lotion. However, research on the psychology of happiness suggests that we are not happiest while relaxing. (...) In reality, we tend to feel most joyful while we are totally immersed in reaching for a challenging goal which we have chosen ourselves - any heartfelt goal which involves building our knowledge skills and awareness, or developing our personal strengths [Muhaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow - The Psychology of Happiness, Rider 1992]."

- - Pure Bliss by Gill Edwards, p.7 - -


If money is tight, and if you feel up to it, you could even start a project that can earn you money! This obviously would depend on how well you are, and if you feel up to it. But it's certainly an interesting project to consider if you do.

You may also be interested in taking up meditation. Certain types of meditation have been known to help with depression too. You can get a free demo CD of a cool holosync meditation program here...



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