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A great book on EXERCISE CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (and FMS) is Fiona Agombar’s ‘Beat Fatigue With Yoga’ book…


The Simple Step-by-Step Way To Restore Energy'

by Fiona Agombar

SYMPTOM CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME Please note that the book cover may be different depending on whereabouts in the world you are!

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Review By: Claire, Sleepydust Editor, Amazon, and an Amazon reader

Yoga is a great relaxation technique to reduce fatigue and regain energy.

This is one of the first books I bought on how to deal with Chronic Fatigue. Since then, a newer edition has been released and the good news is that it apparently has a whole new chapter about yoga and M.E./CFS.

If you’re new to yoga then try this book first. It’s written for people with M.E. and CFS, so it really does give you the information you need –how to reduce fatigue and increase your energy with yoga.

If you’re looking for an easy yoga routine to get started with, try some of the postures in the book. I have to say though that trying to do a yoga routine from a book can be a bit impractical - it's easier to follow a video or DVD. But I haven't found a good yoga video dedicated to CFS/FM sufferers yet and this book is a good introduction to the topic.

As a starting point, this book is great to get your bearings, to get some background into yoga and to learn a number of yoga postures that can ease your fatigue. The new chapter on ME/CFS must also be very helpful (although I have not read it myself because I have the old edition).

I also like the ‘Geribody Yoga’ video, which has a great little warm-up session. As a CFS sufferer myself, I very rarely get to practise yoga but when I can muster up the energy, I find that the warm-up session is just enough to feel much better without ‘overdoing’ it.

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Yoga is thought to be a good way to regain energy. It reduces our stress levels and can teach us to bring a feeling of balance and control back into our lives.

By relaxing our bodies and breathing we can bring our heart rates down and help reduce stress.

This new, larger format edition, has black and white photographs and a whole new chapter about yoga and ME.

By allowing us to tap into the universal energy that is around us, regular yoga practice has been shown to help tired, stressed and fatigued people to regain their strength and energy - gradually and without over-exertion too soon.

This book provides helpful information about the causes of stress and fatigue, as well as a rounded, easy-to-follow programme of yoga stretches and routines. It explains how best to use yoga as part of a system to regain long-term energy and vitality.

The text includes:

  • basic introduction to Yoga
  • using yoga to relax
  • getting to know your chakras and energy centres
  • how to boost your energy levels with yoga
  • beginner and intermediate poses and sequences designed specifically to improve energy levels
  • clear illustrations of all the poses described
  • and nutrition and diet tips for health and lasting energy.

Above all, this book teaches us to listen to our bodies and to respond appropriately to their needs.”

-- Amazon synopsis--

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“I bought this book as I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and knew that yoga is recommended as a way to combat this crippling illness.

The book is fantastic for all those with CFS, as well as those who feel tired all the time.

It has chapters on the most common reasons for fatigue such as stress and poor diet and advises on these. There are clear instructions on how to start yoga with pictures and advice on routines to try.

There are also specific chapters on CFS and the illness in general, with good advice on how many postures to try.

There are also good guidelines for meditation plus stories from people who have been helped by practising yoga. It was worth every penny and my yoga teacher is now going to buy it!”

-- Miss C. Stratton from East Sussex --

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