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About Fibromyalgia

The forthcoming Fibromyalgia section will include Fibromyalgia -related issues, including diet, disability, symptoms, remedies, and much, much more!

The Fibromyalgia section is being written and put online slowly, but we thought you'd like to take a sneaky peak while it's being built...


Sleepydust will put the pages online as they become available. It's a slow process, so please bear with us.

Sleepydust plan to put lots of info on the website about Fibromyalgia, how to deal with Fibromyalgia, and on alternative therapies, medicine and supplements for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

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What You'll Find In This
Fibromyalgia Section

Watch out for this new section on Fibromyalgia ! It will include all sorts of Fibromyalgia -related issues, including:

* FIBROMYALGIAFibromyalgia diet

* Fibromyalgia disability

* Fibromyalgia symptoms

* Fibromyalgia remedy

* Fibromyalgia treatments

* and much, much more!


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