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So you’ve heard of GRATITUDE JOURNALS but you’re not quite sure what GRATITUDE JOURNALS are. Here are some ideas for making your gratitude journal extra special…










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To start a gratitude journal, find yourself a nice notebook. Any diary or note-book will do.

Keep it safe from prying eyes - this is YOUR journal, with YOUR personal thoughts. It's for YOUR EYES ONLY, so keep it in a safe place.

Honesty is key - and you're not likely to be honest with yourself if you know others might be looking at it.

Now, GRATITUDE JOURNALS can take alsorts of forms - in all shapes and sizes! You can even customise your notebook (although you don’t have to).

Personalising your journal is a nice touch - maybe give it a new front cover?

Find some nice wrapping paper or stickers in a gift or art shop. Or cut out some images and make a collage?

Maybe you have some material that you can stick on the book as a fabric cover?

Or perhaps you'd rather draw your own designs?

In any case, this is an important step for you to begin doing something fun and creative that is just for you. It doesn't have to be professional - it's not a competition! It's just a chance for you to express yourself.

If you come across a positive quote or thought you like, then write it in your diary!

You might like to give each quote or inspirational thought its own special page and write or decorate it in special coloured pens.

Or how about some glitter or little stickers?

I like to add images from magazines around the quote to lift it out from the page.

Let your imagination run wild!

Soon you'll be able to find inspirational quotes and thoughts in a new section on this website dedicated specifically to quotes and thoughts that you can add to your diary...

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In the mean time, you can find some quotes on positivity, depression and happiness here...

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