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GRATITUDE JOURNALS are an amazing way of learning to think positively and have worked for millions worldwide. Here's what to do…










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Gratitude journals are exactly what they're called - journals of gratitude!

A gratitude journal is like a diary - but you're only allowed to write positive things in it.

Everyday (preferably before bedtime, but anytime will do), write FIVE things that you are grateful for that day.

It could be for the smile that the cashier at the supermarket gave you, or for your child's drawing that they brought back from school, or for eventually understanding a hard problem you have for your college-work...

It could be for your mum being there for you, or for having a nice day with your partner, or for having a nice chat with your friend... anything!

On bad days you'll find it hard to find five things to be grateful for but you still MUST find them and write them down.

I (sleepydust editor and long-time CFS sufferer) have had times when I've been grateful for just breathing and for the sun shining!

The whole point is that the journal teaches you to LOOK for things to be thankful for - even on bad days.

And remember that filling in your gratitude journal is especially important on bad days because that's when you need positive thinking the most!

In fact, this is so important that I’m going to repeat it! GRATITUDE JOURNALS

Writing your gratitude journal on good days is easy – it’s on the bad days that it’s hardest to write your gratitude journal…

…when you feel depressed, fed up, frustrated...

... in fact it’s when your thoughts are negative...

It’s when the LAST thing you want to do is write 5 positive things down about your day.

And THAT’s when you need to be writing it the most!

And remember!

Everything in there must be positive!

No negative thoughts, thank you! GRATITUDE JOURNALS


Oodles Of Doodles

As you write the five things that you are grateful for that day, you might want to doodle little drawings beside it.

It's great fun and gives your mind a chance to run off with itself, so give it a try!

On more positive days, you’ll probably find that you can find more than 5 things that you were grateful for. Write them all down! The longer your list, the better!

Next, ideas for decorating your GRATITUDE JOURNALS... GRATITUDE JOURNALS




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