Can Writing A Gratitude Journal Help You Cope?

Writing a gratitude journal can be a great way of learning a more positive way of thinking. It helps you to really appreciate the small pleasures in life, and to appreciate the things you do have, instead of the things you don't.

It can even be a useful tool for helping you overcome milld depression...


It won't cost you a penny but it is likely to change your life for the better. Millions of people have found a remarkable difference in their lives and outlook, after just two weeks or so of writing gratitude journals.

In fact, I cannot recommend this enough. I know that writing a gratitude journal really helped me when I was suffering from depression way back in the first few years of developing Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

This type of journalling is great. It's a subtle way of easing yourself into a new, more positive way of thinking about yourself and the world at large. A gratitude journal can lift away your depression and enhance your creativity. It teaches you how to appreciate the things you have and to find new beauty and magic in the things around you.

A journal like this may even help you on the road to recovery...

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