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Depression Help - Contributing factors

Financial Hardship
Does Not Help Depression ...

When you suffer from a chronic illness and live alone, you may experience financial hardship. This certainly doesn't help depression (if you do indeed suffer from this symptom as part of your ME/CFS or FMS).

Many ME/CFS and FMS sufferers become so debilitated that they are forced to stop work. Unfortunately, for many, a '9-to-5' job just isn't feasible anymore.


Suddenly your social interaction diminishes or disappears and the money stops coming in.

With no income, many ME/CFS and FMS sufferers face financial hardship, which can cause great stress (which, by the way, can make your health condition much worse).

Extreme debt can be a great cause of anxiety and depression: The worry of wondering where the next penny will come from. How you'll pay your bills. The misery that debt can create can be a great burden to carry.

Surveys in America, for example, have shown that nearly half of people struggling with debt experience symptoms of depression. [Ref 49]

Such money worries certainly do not help depression. In fact, there even exists a condition called Money Sickness Syndrome or MSS.

“Money worries can cause significant problems in relationships, and people who suffer as a result are often in worse health than those who are in control of their finances.”

- - Dr Roger Henderson: As cited in: '(20/01/2006) Money Sickness Syndrome could affect almost half the UK population', --

Help Your Depression Recovery

If you find yourself in financial hardship, and/or are struggling with debt, and find yourself becoming depressed because of it, then it's definitely important to speak to your doctor. They will be able to help you with your depression.

"Help Your Depression Recovery By Tackling Your **Financial** Health"

It's also important that you tackle the financial side. If this is the root of your depression, then you can help yourself by sorting out your finances, once and for all. Try to find a debt management solution that's right for you. It may be an idea to seek financial advice from a professional, or failing that, perhaps even visit the Citizen's Advice Bureau (UK - or the equivalent service in your country).

In the short-term, there are state benefits that you may be eligible for and these are well worth looking into.

Unfortunately many sufferers struggle to receive state benefits and many are denied them. And if this is the case, all is not lost...

You may still be able to work from home, in your own time. The great thing about the internet is that it brings a whole world of opportunity to your door. Switch on your computer, get online, and there: you have a gateway that can help you make a long term income for yourself, even if you go slowly and at your own pace...

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If you don't suffer from too much brain fog, and feel up to it you may be able to work from home, even if you are have inconsistent waking hours; Even if you aren't able to work for long, or even work everyday.

But it's worth pointing out here, that this does depend on how well you are, and if you feel up to doing something like this (this obviously will not apply to everyone, and probably won't be feasible for more severely affected sufferers). But if you do feel up to it, and money is tight, it's certainly worth considering.

The bottom line?

If you want to help your recovery from depression and are in financial hardship, consider tackling both factors - see your doctor to help depression. And go about seeking financial help, to regain control of your money situation.

There is a way out, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Category: Help Depression - Contributing Factors

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