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Direct Effect On The Brain

INFORMATION DEPRESSION : If you suffer from POST VIRAL FATIGUE SYNDROME or FIBROMYALGIA, then the condition can have a direct effect on your brain which can make you depressed ….










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If a virus was the cause of your CFS/FMS, then this could be another factor contributing to your depression as a CFS/ME or FMS sufferer.

When looking for INFORMATION DEPRESSION and CFS or FMS sufferers rarely find out this interesting piece of information...

Apparently, any triggering infection may have a direct effect on the parts of the brain that control your moods and emotions.

Not only that, but the sheer fact that your mental functioning becomes impaired can also get you down...

“When someone of normal or above average intelligence finds that their memory, concentration, comprehension, even speech is disturbed by this disease, is it any surprise that many are depressed and anxious?”

-- Dr. Anne MacIntyre, ‘M.E.’, p80 --

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