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How Your Personality Can
Contribute To Your Depression

INFORMATION DEPRESSION : your personality-type can actually contribute to your depression ….










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How do you see the world? Would you say you are a pessimistic or optimistic kind of person?

INFORMATION DEPRESSION If you saw a half-filled glass of water, would you say it’s half-empty…


If you were positive in your outlook on life before you became ill, and coped well in a crisis, you are more likely to be able to cope better with the emotional side of ME/CFS or FMS.

But if you tended to have a more negative outlook on life before your illness, then you’ll unfortunately be more likely to be affected by depression during your illness.

“For people who don’t cope as well, the problems associated with having ME/CFS may well tip the balance and trigger any underlying susceptibility to developing anxiety or depressive illness.”

-- Dr Charles Sheperd, ‘Living With M.E.’, p226 --

So here's some INFORMATION DEPRESSION, CFS & FMS sufferers might find helpful...

Therapy can change your outlook on life into a positive one and is highly recommended if you are thinking negatively about things. You can learn more about therapy here…

Positive Affirmations can also help those who feel low or fed up, although they are not advised for those who suffer from more severe depression (in which case medical advice should be sought from your doctor to discuss the best way forward).

Click here to learn more about positive affirmations and how they might help you to feel better about yourself…

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Next, how the virus triggering your cfs or fms could have had a direct effect on your brain... POEMS DEPRESSION


POEMS DEPRESSION...back to loneliness and how it can contribute to your depression


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