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Muscle pains

How Your Pain Could Be Linked To Lack Of Sleep

One theory is that, as a ME/CFS or FMS sufferer, you might also experience muscle pain because your body isn't healing properly during your deep sleep (non-REM sleep).

This is because alpha waves are likely to occur throughout your deep sleep (which can cause a problem sleeping). And this prevents your brain from getting the deep restorative sleep it needs to generate enough growth hormones.

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And as you will see later, one thing that growth hormones do is help to repair your tissue and to grow your muscles!

Muscle Pains

It's like a vicious circle - the more pain you experience, the less likely you are to sleep well...

...which means you get even less of your already-disrupted deep sleep - the restorative sleep that you need in order for your brain to generate those healing growth hormones. And ofcourse the fact that you have lower levels of growth hormones can make your pain even worse. MUSCLE PAINS

So let's take a look at growth hormones and how they can affect you...


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