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MUSIC RELAXING, Healing, & Uplifting Can Help Treat Depression…

MUSIC RELAXING as it can be, may be used as 'music therapy' - a serious alternative form of treatment for depression. More info…










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Music. You hear it everywhere. On the radio. On TV...

...the rhythm of a moving train. Ocean waves.

It’s all around you and it can affect you profoundly.

It affects you when it’s playing in the background of the scary part of that Hollywood blockbuster film you’re watching.

It affects you differently when, minutes later, you’re watching the weepy, tear-jerking part of the same movie.

Switch the sound off – the music disappears – and so does the atmosphere it creates.

It’s so strong – it affects you so profoundly – that it can literally affect the whole of your body.

It can create feelings of tension, happiness, contentment and relaxation.

All of this power… and yet many of us overlook how we can use it as a ‘therapeutic tool’.

Yet music has been used for healing and relaxation purposes for thousands of years!

The ancient Greeks believed that your body and soul could be healed through music, and the Native American Indians have used chanting and rhythm in their healing rituals throughout history.

Try it yourself – play a song…
…see how it captures a mood?

Play another piece of music – a more upbeat song perhaps… see how your whole body feels different?

Your mood, feelings, or perception may change just by hearing the music. Your heart may beat faster. You might feel angrier, more energetic, tense or happier…

And all this because you played a song or piece of music!

If music can make you feel angrier, or more tense, then it can also make you feel more relaxed, content and peaceful.

In fact, studies have shown that the right music can slow down your heart beat and affect other physical aspects of your body, as well as affecting you mentally and spiritually.

Now if you have CFS or FMS, keeping a sense of balance and calm is crucial to your recovery. Depression can prevent you from getting better and stress

…well stress is a major no-no that can make you ten times worse. Keeping stress levels low is extremely important when you have CFS or FMS.

So maintaining a balanced and relaxed state of mind, body and soul is crucial to your well-being and recovery – no matter how cliché it sounds. MUSIC RELAXING

Sleepydust.net will soon be introducing a music therapy section, where you can learn more about music therapy and how you can use music to relax and heal yourself.

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Sleepydust.net will also be releasing a relaxation collection of soothing music instrumentals along with inner talk and positive affirmations for peace of mind (also accompanied with calming music).

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