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Problem Sleeping

How ME/CFS & FMS Can Affect Your Sleep

Problem sleeping when you have ME/CFS or FMS?

Find out how your sleep is affected by your ME/CFS or FMS and check out a few tips for coping with your sleep problems ...


This sleep section is being put online slowly, but we thought you'd like to take a sneaky peak while it's being built. Some pages are online, but it's a slow process, so please bear with us.

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The pages within each sub-section are intended to be read from start to finish in the order they appear. The contents of this section are below, but to get the most out of this section, it's best to read the pages in order - just follow the arrows!

The arrow to look out for looks like this: tiredness


Sleep & ME/CFS



And coming soon in the sleep section...

  • CFS & Your Sleep Center - The Hypothalamus
  • CFS & FM-Related Sleep Disorders And Disturbances
  • Sleep Supplements, Herbs & Medicines (Sleep Disorder Treatment)
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • The Importance Of Darkness & Natural Light
  • Therapies That Can Help You Sleep
  • Tips For Better Sleep
  • Is Your Bedroom 'Sleep-Friendly'?
  • Quotes About Sleep
  • Poems About Sleep


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