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The SUPPORT DEPRESSION sufferers need is vital but isn’t always there. In fact, lack of social acceptance as a MYALGIC ENCEPHALOPATHY or FIBROMYALGIA sufferer can contribute to your depression…










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CFS/ME and FMS are ‘invisible’ illnesses. You may not be in a wheelchair, or have a visible indication that suggests that you really are disabled.

And because people can’t ‘see’ your disability, many people can’t understand it...

...or even refuse to ackowledge that you are indeed suffering from a very real and serious condition.

Unfortunately, many ME/CFS and FMS sufferers face scepticism, intolerance, and resentment from friends and family because of this.

In fact...

...you’d be lucky if you didn’t experience it in some shape or form during the course of your illness.

“Living with any illness can strengthen the inner resources and lead sufferers to be less dependent on the opinions and approval of others.”

-- Dr Anne MacIntyre, ‘M.E.’, p.180 --

The negative reactions from those you would have hoped would have understood can have a real negative impact on your morale.

So, problems with family and friends can be a real contributing factor to your depression as a CFS or FMS sufferer.

Thankfully much of the intolerance, resentment and scepticism are borne out of ignorance.


...they can’t see your disability, so it's harder for outsiders to understand.

Only you know how your body feels. So it’s up to you to help them understand.

Try sitting them down and explaining to them what it’s like to suffer from CFS/FMS.

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