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The Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a medical disorder, which affects your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and physical health.

According to Dr David Hoffman, it’s a state of mind that occurs in 10-20% of the world’s population in the course of a lifetime. So if you suffer from depression, you really are not alone.


Symptoms of depression can include (symptom depression ):

• Ongoing feelings of sadness or emptiness

• Crying and tearfulness

• Fatigue and loss of energy

• Sleep disturbances, insomnia or increased sleep

• Agitation and difficulty in concentrating or making decisions

• Feelings of helplessness, self-reproach, hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt

• Ongoing physical symptoms such as headache or digestive disorders that don’t respond to treatment

• Poor appetite with significant weight loss, or overeating with significant weight gain

• Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. You can read more on coping with suicidal thoughts here…

SYMPTOM DEPRESSION Remember! You may not experience all of the symptoms that depression sufferers experience - many sufferers only suffer from a selection of the depression symptoms listed above.

But no matter which symptom depression throws at you, you can do something about it...


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