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Positive Company Keeps You THINKING POSITIVE LY

A good tip for depression sufferers for THINKING POSITIVE LY is to make sure that they are around positive people. The company you keep really influences whether you are THINKING POSITIVE LY…










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Just like you need to fill your head with positive thoughts (THINKING POSITIVE LY), you should try surrounding yourself with positive people.

They will lift your morale and you’ll be surprised at how quickly their positivity will rub off on you.

If your friends or family are negative or depressed themselves, it may unfortunately hinder your recovery from depression.

It doesn't mean ditching them! It just means that broadening your circle of friends and associates might be worth considering.

You should make a conscious effort to be around positive people as much as you can, at least for the time being.

For friendship and support, try Sleepydust’s FMS and CFS message board.

Another way of learning ways of THINKING POSITIVE LY is to read books by postive authors. After all – books are written by people!

So if you can't be around people who are THINKING POSITIVE LY...

...then surround yourself with books written by people who are THINKING POSITIVE LY! THINKING POSITIVE

THINKING POSITIVE But beware – not all books will make you feel better and some might even make you feel worse!

So if you’re going to read, make sure you read a good positive book, written by someone who knows what they’re talking about!

You can check out the Sleepydust reviews of the best depression books and self help books.

Next, asking for help and finding support... THINKING POSITIVE


THINKING POSITIVE...back to THINKING POSITIVE LY by learning positive internal dialogue


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