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To Change Your Internal Dialogue

THINKING POSITIVE LY is perhaps the most crucial aspect in your DEPRESSION FIGHT. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult. But THINKING POSITIVE LY can be learnt...










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You are your thoughts.

Your perception of yourself and the world around you shapes the way you feel and how you relate to other people and events.

And your perception of yourself and the world is shaped by your thoughts.

Your thoughts affect whether you feel relaxed or worried, calm, stressed or depressed.

In essence, your internal dialogue is VERY powerful and really can influence your health.

"You don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you."

-- Dan Millman --

So THINKING POSITIVE LY is crucial in dealing with your health, CFS, FMS or depression...

It’s vital to your well-being that your inner thoughts are positive and healthy.

Makes sense right? Well, now check out the following shocking fact…

Next, how around 72% of your self talk is likely to be negative... THINKING POSITIVE


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