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Rose2White - This is where the inner me is let lose, my fears my hurt & pain as well as my laughs, my joy and all that goes on in between. Click here!

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Allie's Journal - I'm Allie, I'm 17 and have had ME for a year and a bit, and this is my diary!! Click here!



A Working Mum With ME - Diary of a thirty something ME sufferer, trying to continue working, to cope with a 3 year old, and to keep the garden in some sort of order. Click here!

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Meg's Journey With PVFS - Hi! I've had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome since January 2005. This is my diary about my feelings, hopes, thoughts, and hopefully a laugh or two
on the way! Click here!

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CFS = Bad - Just your not so average Virginian farmboy, chronicling his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Me looking at webcomics, complaining about doctors, drugs, little energy, and what I actualy do when I have some. Click here!

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Leanne's Space - A place for me to tell the world all about my life. Where I'll rant if I'm cross, moan if I'm feeling rotten and jump for joy when I'm happy. A space which is all about me, me, me, me! Click here!

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