'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet' By Christine Craggs-Hinton

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'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet'

A Chronic Fatigue Diet book review.

Below is my review of the book 'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet' by Christine Craggs-Hinton, which explores the ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diet ...


Please note: Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are believed to fall under the umbrella term 'ME/CFS'. To make it easier for you to read through this page, Sleepydust will use the term 'ME/CFS' to refer to them collectively.

This book really woke me up to the importance of what you eat when you have ME/CFS. A good ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diet (or chronic fatigue diet as the book is called) is crucial.

Before we go on though, I feel I need to point out something about the title of this book. This book is clearly written for sufferers of ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , but Christine Craggs-Hinton has called it 'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet '.

Now Chronic Fatigue is different to ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But...

... Chronic Fatigue can be symptom of ME/CFS, so I'm assuming that a diet tailored for ME/CFS sufferers (a chronic fatigue syndrome diet ) is equally as applicable to those who suffer with 'Chronic Fatigue' (a chronic fatigue diet). Or perhaps Christine Craggs-Hinton just didn't realise at the time of writing the book that the term 'Chronic Fatigue ' is different to ME/CFS - who knows?

Nevertheless, the distinction between the two must be made because Chronic Fatigue is classified as a 'mental and behavioral disorder' whereas ME and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (and ICD-CFS) are classified as 'neurological' disorders.

Anyway, back to the Chronic Fatigue diet book review! chronic fatigue healing diet

The Importance Of A Chronic Fatigue Diet (Or Moreover, A ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet )

As a ME/CFS sufferer, you depend even more on filling your body with immune-system enhancing, energy-boosting nutrients - so your diet is reeeeeeeaally important!

'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet ' by Christine Craggs-Hinton tells you about those nutrients - what food you should eat as a ME/CFS sufferer, what food you shouldn't eat as a ME/CFS sufferer, which supplements to take - it even has a collection of recipes to try - basically it gives you a good overview of a good chronic fatigue diet /chronic fatigue syndrome diet.

A Special Detox Program For A Chronic Fatigue Diet

What I like the most about 'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet ' is its detox program, and the way Christine Craggs-Hinton takes a 'laid-back' attitude to sticking to it.

Her view is: stick to the program as much as possible, even if it's just a little - and if you don't stick to it as well as you had hoped - no worries, as long as you keep persevering and don't give up!

As a ME/CFS sufferer, you are likely to have food intolerances and toxic build up which essentially makes you feel a lot worse. The detox program in 'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet ' is great because it is written specifically for ME/CFS sufferers and is incorporated into a tailor-made chronic fatigue syndrome diet.

There are many detox books out there but since they are not catered specifically for ME/CFS sufferers, you never really know which parts of the detox programs would make your ME/CFS worse. So there is always a degree of uncertainty and doubt there.

Thankfully, the detox program in Chapter 6 of 'The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet ' is written just for ME/CFS sufferers. By eating fruit, vegetables, fresh juices, and plenty of water, you can cleanse your body and remove the toxins that make you feel so much worse.

what's the verdict on this chronic fatigue diet book?

Despite the dubious use of the term 'Chronic Fatigue' in its title, this is definitely a 'chronic fatigue diet ' book that I am glad I bought. It's a book that I would have no hesitation in recommending to fellow ME/CFS /PVFS sufferers who are looking for a good chronic fatigue diet /chronic fatigue syndrome diet book.

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Just a quick side note:

In my humble opinion, no diet & nutrition book can replace the value of seeing a good, qualified nutritionist (who has a working knowledge of ME/CFS) face-to-face. So, although I do recommend this book, I also recommend seeing a nutritionist, to help you tailor your diet and nutritional program to your own specific needs.



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