Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Holistic Kinesiology - Jacinta's Experiences

by Jacinta
(Melbourne, Australia)

Holistic Kinesiology has offered me the greatest and only real breakthrough that I have had with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am so impressed by it that I am looking at doing a kinesiology course so that I can practise it myself.

From what I can gather, you can get differing types of kinesiology and kinesiologists. Kinesiology is basically the practise of reading the body's systems through the muscles. Through muscle testing, the kinesiologist can tell if you are deficient in vitamins, minerals or food groups, or if your body is having trouble absorbing particular foods etc. Holistic kinesiology is more about focussing on the mind-body-spirit union, understanding that in order for the body to be at its healthiest, those three aspects must be in harmony with each other.

My first session was a bit 'trippy'. It does require an open mind and an allowance of things that you may not understand. For me though, what couldn't be argued was the results. It has transformed me on every level and the result was pretty immediate.

There has been too much information gathered from my sessions to report of here - I will only say that it does focus on your energy field, understanding that we all have an energy body that surrounds our physical body and extends out a fair way into the environment around us, which has its own energy. This has been discussed on this website and is a law of quantum physics.

Kinesiology will focus on what is lacking or not working properly in your physical body. It will investigate mental thought processes that have physiological effects and will also look at energy blockages, leakages and deep-seated issues of the soul that your body manifests into physical responses.

I highly recommend holistic kinesiology for everyone, not just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia sufferers. At the very least it is an interesting experience, and at the most it could be the breakthrough you've been looking for. I am not cured, not even close but the progress I have made in the last couple of months since I began kinesiology has been remarkable and undeniable. It has been one of the best things I've ever done because I am starting to become the person I've always wanted to be.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Holistic Kinesiology - Jacinta's Experiences

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Muscle Testing
by: Jen

I too have been helped immensely by the results of muscle testing to help figure out what my body needed to heal from a bad crash. I could barely stand and no conventional doctors were helping.

Thanks for posting this! I was a skeptic who was really too depressed to care if it worked or not. But it helped to dig me out of that hole... so now I am definitely a believer!

Fascinating Insight Into Kinesiology For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
by: Sleepydust


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers don't often consider trying Kinesiology, and I think it's often overlooked, perhaps because it's not as well known as other, more common alternative therapies.

I myself tried Kinesiology and that's how I found the two items that really helped me the most with living with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I am of course referring to my beloved Magnetic Insoles, and Pure Synergy superfood).

A fantastic explanation of holistic kinesiology Jacinta. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I'm sure we'd all love to learn more about it, if you ever have the time to expand on it!

Take care and thanks again for the fantastic review!


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