Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy - Problems With Sleep By Emer

by Emer A. Clark-Ward

On Holiday

On Holiday

I have had Fibromyalgia for the past couple of years. I have also suffered from Narcolepsy for 48 years. My Narcolepsy symptoms include uncontrollable daytime sleeping fits, muscle weakness and nightmares.

Having both Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy means that I get little poor quality sleep.

I have had to consult a Chiropractor which has helped me somewhat (but not my bank balance!) I am on a low dose of Venlafaxine for the Narcolepsy and now, after a recent visit to the Sleep Research Dept. of Papworth Hospital, have been recommended to take a sleeping pill to help the disturbed nights. I am hoping this works.

Best wishes to all sufferers,


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