Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer From USA - Judith's Update On Lyrica

by Judith Chase
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.)

Petroglyphs (Rock Art) Galisteo, New Mexico

Petroglyphs (Rock Art) Galisteo, New Mexico

Recently I shared my experiences with you, about living with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Well, I'm now in my third week of taking Lyrica and have to say that it is definitely making a difference for me. I feel so much better!

This past weekend I was very sleepy and a little dizzy for two days, so I napped a lot. But this has dissipated and today I am much better.

Bob is right about the importance of finding your passion / changing your career!

I've always loved to write. I have been writing two books and am almost finished with one. The other is much longer and more complicated, so it will take some time to complete.

I just took on a part-time volunteer job as editor of an archeology newsletter, archeology being something I've always been deeply interested in.

Living here in New Mexico in the Southwest U.S., we have hundreds of thousands of wonderful archaeology ruins and petroglyphs (rock art) and this is something I've always loved. Since I cannot get out to do fieldwork this winter, I asked if there was something else I could do, and I found the perfect thing!

I can also work with archival records and photographs. I am very excited about having something new to do that I know I will enjoy. What a difference this kind of thing can make in our lives.

I have also hired a cleaning service to deep-clean my house, as I am unable to do so and got very behind on my housework, which I felt terrible about. Finally faced the fact that I just could not do it myself. I feel like "The Queen of My House" now! I understand that there are some free cleaning services for those who qualify.

I have three wonderful house cats. They give me unconditional love and affection and are fun to play with and groom. They also love to sleep with me, and one of them will even call me when it's bedtime.

I recommend pets for anyone, ill or not. I think that they help us to be whole and can add so much to our lives.

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Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer From USA - Judith's Update On Lyrica

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Lyrica Not For Me
by: Tonya

Hi Judith,

I'm in your neighborhood, living in Mesa, AZ (super-suburb of Phoenix). I'm happy to hear that Lyrica is working well for you. It also appears to work fairly well for my mom and sister, too. Unfortunately, I actually had a lot MORE pain when I tried it. I'm now on Cymbalta, which seemed to work very well at first, but it's effects seem to be fading now. Strangely, my mom and sister didn't do well on Cymbalta. They had more pain, like I did on the Lyrica. Wierd, huh. I hope you continue to do well.

P.S.-My mom and I live together and between us we have 7 cats. Five are mine and my daughter's and 2 belong to my mom. Don't know what I'd do without their crazy antics that make me laugh and the comfort they provide when I'm feeling down.

Positve thinking
by: Lillyann

Hi Judith
You come across as a very strong and positive person and I wish we didn't live at the opposite ends of the world cos I know we would get on very well.

I have vowed never to work for financial gain and want to raise money for charities especially for Fibromyalgia.

I too adore animals and have recently aquired an amazing kitten - she is my soulmate. She and her four brothers and sisters had been tossed in a field and left to fend for themselves. My only regret is that I did not take them all from the animal rescue shelter. I want to help them loads.

I believe the secret to coping with Fibromyalgia is staying happy - quite hard sometimes but if you are mentally focused its easy.

By the way, love the idea of free home help, but dont think it is available in England!!

Kindest regards

Fab News About Lyrica For Fibromyalgia!
by: Sleepydust

Hi Judith

So great to learn more about you - thanks so much for sharing! And what great news about Lyrica! It definitely seems to be helping your Fibromyalgia doesn't it - keep us posted won't you?

For anyone who hasn't read Judith's first submission, you can read it here...

I totally agree about pets. I myself have cats and they're just such wonderful company. They remind us of the beauty in this world and that it's alright to 'just be'. In today's fast, stressful world, they are an absolute blessing.

Congratulations on your new job! And thanks so much for posting the beautiful photo. :-)

All the best


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