Michaela's Update On Her GHS Vespro Review

GHS Vespro review by a ME/CFS sufferer.

After her initial review of GHS Vespro (a human growth hormone releaser) Michaela has kindly written two further updates of her experience with GHS Vespro...


Here's Michaela's first update re. GHS Vespro :

"I have now been taking ghs vespro for some time. Before starting to take this, I was needing an afternoon nap every day and was struggling to concentrate, especially at work.

Very shortly after starting ghs vespro I noticed (or rather others noticed) that I wasn't 'hitting a brick wall' mid-afternoon. My husband was actually telling me not to do things and not to over do it.

A few weeks later I got a viral infection (swollen glands, sore throat) and it's taking a while to recover from that. I did start to need the afternoon nap again. This is easing off and the concentration never really got affected thankfully.

When I forget to take ghs vespro , the next day I feel very drained, and thats when I remenber that I forgot to take ghs vespro the night before. You are supposed to take it an hour before food on an empty stomach, so I take it in the evening.

GHS Vespro hasn't cured me by any means. I'm currently having a bad flare up of joint and muscle pain. It also didn't do much for the chest pain I have. But the fatigue and brain fog have definitely improved, to the point that others are noticing.

Thought I'd keep you updated." -- Michaela, United Kingdom --

Update On GHS Vespro Review

Here's Michaela's second update re. GHS Vespro :

"Just to let you know, I have had to pay a customs charge on top of the costs mentioned in my intial review of ghs vespro (I live in the United Kingdom).

It was about £8 GBP for delivery via standard mail (for one lot of ghs vespro tablets) and £17 GBP when Fedex delivered it (for two pots of ghs vespro ).

Fedex took about 2 weeks. US customs can really slow things down but Fedex can speed that up a bit.

Had a bit of a relapse recently as I have had a number of viral infections and colds, but not as much as I would have had before.

Is it the ghs vespro ? I don't know. Overall definitely improving."

-- Michaela, United Kingdom [Update on GHS Vespro review] --


Thanks Michaela for the updates!



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