the health benefit of magnet Therapy

Can Magnetic Insoles Help You Feel Stronger?

The health benefit of magnet therapy (in particular, how magnet therapy may help as a form of subtle magnet pain therapy and how magetic insoles can give you more energy).

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This review is about my beloved magnetic insoles, which quite honestly, I never thought would make much of a difference until I tried them.

My magnetic insoles are fantastic for the rare occasions when I go out. They do seem to make me feel stronger. But just to be clear - their effect is very subtle - it's not like I walk around with my legs zinging with magnetic energy!

It all began when my nutritionist / kinesiologist tested some magnetic insoles on me a few months ago. Prior to that she had continually recommended them to me but I just fobbed them off, thinking that magnetic insoles were just some wishy-washy, 'off-the-wall' treatment (sorry to my nutritionist!)

How wrong could I be?

The Health Benefit Of Magnet Therapy...

At one of my sessions with her, my nutritionist / kinesiologist finally tested the magnetic insoles on me, to prove to me how good they were (health benefit of magnet therapy). She made me lay down and just placed the magnetic insoles against the soles of my feet.

The health benefit of magnet therapy, for me, seems to be more energy. As soon as she placed the magnetic insoles against the soles of my feet, I felt an instant, subtle tingling sensation. It almost felt as if I was standing on a 'power pod'.

I was feeling particularly weak that day and so I was probably more susceptible to even the slightest energy fluctuations in my body. It had been a quiet and calming session too and so this also probably heightened my senses. It's a bit like, say, when you're up during the day - you wouldn't necessarily hear quiet noises but when you're up at night, you tend to hear even the slightest noises because your hearing becomes more attuned when it's quieter.

So my point is that the effect of the magnetic insoles, at least for me, is certainly a beneficial one in terms of health and energy, but it's also a very subtle effect: When I wear my magnetic insoles in my shoes I know they are working for me (in terms of health benefits of magnet therapy), but I don't necessarily consciously 'feel' it.

However I do know that my magnetic insoles give me more energy when I wear them and I certainly now wouldn't be without them.

The Possible Disadvantages & Health Benefits Of Magnet Therapy

Some argue that another possible health benefit of using magnets is pain relief. I have not looked into this (yet) but if you do experience pain, then it might be worth researching the health benefits of magnet pain therapy and talking to your doctor about it.

In fact, if you are thinking of using magnet therapy, it's particularly important to talk with your doctor first as it can apparently be harmful for a small percentage of the population e.g. pregnant women, people who wear pacemakers or who have implanted defibrillators.

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