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Holosync Awakening Prologue Meditation Program - Review #3

A Holosync Review :

Holosync is a high-quality meditation program that claims to help the listener reach meditative states deeper than a zen monk, just by listening to its audio tracks via headphones, every day.

Below is an initial overview and review of the Holosync Awakening Prologue meditation program ...

Woah, that was quick. I ordered Holosync on what... Saturday? I got it yesterday (Monday)! I was expecting to wait ages for this. So I was ultra excited to receive the Holosync box yesterday.

OK, so here's an update so far. In the box, I've received 3 CDs that make up the Holosync Awakening Prologue. Then there's another, seperate CD called Super Longevity (I think this contains two tracks - one with audible and one with inaudible affirmations about health , but I haven't tried it yet). There are also some leaflets with information on what to do etc.

Holosync MP3 ?

I think I might transfer it all onto my iPod as I rarely ever listen to CDs anymore. We shall see.

But if you're wondering about Holosync MP3, then this might interest you:

I asked the Centerpointe Research Insitute people if that was viable to import the Holosync music / audio as MP3 format, and they advised against it. They told me to make sure that when you imported the Holosync audio, to keep it in its original format (.aiff). It's bulkier (a lot bulkier), but if you import Holosync using an MP3 format, the Holosync sound will probably lose a lot of it's efficacy. This is because the whole point of Holosync (as a meditation program) is it's range of sound waves, an important part of which, would probably get cut out when the computer compresses the Holosync audio into an MP3 file.

OK did that make sense? Not sure, ha!

Bottom line - don't convert your Holosync into MP3.

Initial Impression Of Holosync - Review & Overview

I listened to the first two tracks of the Holosync Awakening Prologue yesterday. There are 5 tracks on there:

One is an introduction which you listen to at your leisure (quite long - I had to listen to it in bits). Then there's the first part of the meditation program, called The Dive , which consists of restful sounds of tibetan bells and waterfall (and of course, the underlying Holosync technology which features in all of the tracks). You're meant to listen to The Dive everyday, and for the first 14 days, you are meant to listen to The Dive only, to accustom your brain to the effects of the meditation.

Then there's The Immersion which you then listen to everyday after The Dive . I can't remember the exact details but at one point, you can extend your meditation time and listen to The Immersion twice in a row after the dive, but it's not necessary to get good results.

The other two tracks are ones you can use during your day - one is called Quietude and helps you to concentrate, read, write... work basically. And the other is called Oasis and is helpful for problem solving.

The Dive apparently rapidly teaches your brain to go from your normal, 'awake' brain waves to delta brain waves, which are the slooooow brain waves you produce when you are in deep sleep.

holosync meditation program review It's interesting to note here that, ME/CFS sufferers are known for having interrupted delta sleep (deep sleep) because it gets interrupted by alpha waves, which is a popular theory for why ME/CFS sufferers never wake feeling refreshed.


The other time your brain produces delta waves (apparently) is when you reach a deep meditative state - but since traditional meditation can take a life-time to master, not many people in our busy, western world, manage to reproduce it on a frequent basis. This is what the Holosync technology apparently does for you - it helps you to reach the deep meditative state. So The Dive takes you from your 'awake' brain wave patterns to those elusive delta brain wave patterns. That track lasts about 30 minutes.

Then The Immersion track is meant to keep you in that delta state for a further 30 minutes.

OK, that's as far as my understanding goes for now, but I shall update you with how I do, and if I learn anything else! I'm off to meditate...

You can get a copy of Holosync's free meditation demo CD, and more information about the meditation program, here...

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