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human growth hormones danger

Are Human Growth Hormone Releasers Safe To Take?

Human Growth Hormones Danger : Are there any dangers that human growth hormones supplements have?

Do human growth hormone releasers have any dangers?

This page explores whether HGH Releasers are safe to take…


Most human growth hormones releaser products are taken orally. Because human growth hormones releasers generally have low and proper dosages, there are apparently no known documented dangerous side-effects of human growth hormones releasers at the time of writing this page (no apparent releaser human growth hormones danger ).

A typical human growth hormones releaser (also known as Secretagogue) works differently to how a steroid might work: Steroids work by using synthetic forms of hormones whereas human growth hormones releasers work by boosting hormones naturally. In fact, many sources state that human growth hormones releasers apparently generate a completely natural process that actually prevents dangerous side effects.

The only side effects of human growth hormones releasers / Secretagogue [i.e. the only releaser human growth hormones danger] that I could find in my research were listed in one of Immunesupport’s clinical trials. This particular trial took place in the year 2000 and tested ‘Somatomed’ (Vespro GHS Growth Hormone Secretagogue) on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers. The results of the trial were extremely positive, but nevertheless, two side effects were sited...

  1. 28% of participants (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers) experienced muscle and joint pain during the initiation of the therapy.

  2. 31% of participants (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers) had mild edema, which is a swelling of both legs from an accumulation of excess fluid [a possible releaser human growth hormones danger perhaps?]

However, overall, the trial results of this specific human growth hormones releaser study were extremely positive.

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And, since all other reports I have found report no side effects whatsoever [no releaser human growth hormones danger] , I am not sure how much the side effects sited in the study above have to do with the particular human growth hormones releaser product they were using in the study - or the fact that the patients suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


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