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My Review Of Home Hydrotherapy

If you have not tried a hydrotherapy jet massage bath, then it's hard to describe to you the amazingly blissful feeling of relaxation and warmth you get when you sit in one.

Below is my review of our home hydrotherapy jet massage system...


As a long-time Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer myself, I can actually vouch for just how effective a hydrotherapy jet massage bath can be. Boy does it make you relaxed and sleepy!

And after a hydrotherapy jet massage bath, all that tension - all those aches and pains...

... all gone!

In a nutshell:

Hydrotherapy Can Be Great For Pain Relief & Better Sleep

In the past, the problem with hydrotherapy jet massage bath systems has been the price. They were so expensive that only hospitals could afford them. And you just couldn't get the type of heavenly indulgence that you could get in a professional health spa - not in your own home anyway...

But now you can actually have a hydrotherapy jet massage bath system in your own bathroom - and it's affordable too. You don't even have to change your bath!

I have a hydrotherapy jet massage bath mat system, which actually fits into my existing bath tub. It's a much cheaper alternative to buying an actual hydrotherapy jet massage bath tub but you still get all the wonderful benefits of hydrotherapy. And...

... it's portable!

A hydrotherapy jet massage bath mat system (like the one I have) consists of a special mat that you place in your bath, and a long tube which is attached to a special motor (that blows the lovely soothing air bubbles into the water).

A good quality hydrotherapy jet massage bath mat system actually lets you set how intense you want your massage to be - from a soft massage to a good pummelling! And on mine, you can also change the type of massage you want - from little tiny spray bubbles that tingle and energise your whole body, to large bubbles that give your spine and legs a good pummelling!

Ahhh... I love it.

In fact, my whole family does.

Whatever type of massage you choose, a short 10 to 15 minute hydrotherapy jet massage bath can really make you feel as if you've just stepped out of a health spa after being massaged by a top masseur.

And you can have that feeling anytime you want just by stepping into your bathroom! Hurrah!

N.B. As with any therapy, if you do try or buy a hydrotherapy jet massage bath system, it's always worth checking with your doctor to see if it's ok for you to use it.


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