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hypersomnia idiopathic

hypersomnia idiopathic : A common symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is hypersomnia idiopathic . The tiredness can be overwhelming. Find out more out hypersomnia idiopathic here…

CFS and Hypersomnia










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Hypersomnia (hypersomnia idiopathic ) is when you need to sleep for a lot longer than ‘normal’, yet don’t necessarily feel that refreshed after sleeping.

It’s not unusual to sleep for well over 14 hours a day when you first get Myalgic Encephalopathy /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or whenever you suffer from a severe flare or relapse of the condition (hypersomnia idiopathic ).

And even while you’re recovering from Myalgic Encephalopathy /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you’re unlikely to be able to stay up for a full 12-hour day without having to take a nap or two inbetween (hypersomnia idiopathic ).

hypersomnia idiopathic When you have a good patch, you’ll feel less tired and will need to sleep less. But remember – a good patch can easily turn into a bad one if you don’t pace yourself carefully…

Push yourself too much mentally or physically, or stay up for too long – and that ‘good patch’ becomes a distant memory. And hello relapse! hypersomnia idiopathic

So if you find that your hypersomnia (hypersomnia idiopathic ) is lifting and that you are able to stay up for longer, be very careful.

Don’t spend all your energy at once – pace yourself very carefully or…

… you’re likely to end up having a relapse again! hypersomnia idiopathic

For more on pacing, click here…

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