kinesiology muscle testing - a personal review

My Experience Of Kinesiology Muscle Testing For Nutritional Supplements

Wondering what Kinesiology muscle testing is?

Or if it works?

Read my personal review of my experiences so far...


Until I saw a Nutritionist/ Kinesiologist, I didn't even know what Kinesiology was - but now I know about it, I think it's very useful, especially for ME/CFS sufferers like myself.

I've experienced Kinesiology only a few times so far - but the most helpful part has been the Kinesiology muscle testing my Nutritionist/Kinesiologist does on me, to see which supplements I should take and should not take (to help cure me from ME/CFS ).

Before you start thinking 'needles!', it's nothing of the sort...

So What Is Kinesiology Muscle Testing ?

'OK so what's Kinesiology muscle testing?' I hear you ask. Well here's a summary of my experiences with Kinesiology muscle testing so far...

My Nutritionist/ Kinesiologist places the supplement on my stomach (while I'm lying down) and does a Kinesiology muscle test on me by asking me to lift my forearm to a vertical position. She then gently pushes against my hand (while I gently push against this slight force). By doing this she can assess my 'muscle response' to the substance/substances on my stomach (Kinesiology muscle testing ) .


Apparently your muscles will respond differently to different substances.

What I've Found Out Through Kinesiology Muscle Testing ...

As a result of this Kinesiology muscle testing , I've found out that there are a whole load of 'brands' of supplements (manufacturers) that I just don't react well to as a ME/CFS/PVFS sufferer.

Now that's something I didn't know! I thought it didn't really matter what brand of supplements you used! How wrong was I? kinesiology muscle testing

One brand's multi-vitamin supplement for example, is different to the next brand's multi-vitamin supplement. And you might respond well to one, but some brands might not even make much of a difference to you at all - so you'd be wasting your money!

But Kinesiology muscle testing goes beyond identifying the right brand for each supplement you take...

Sometimes your body needs a particular vitamin, herb, mineral, flower remedy, superfood - whatever. Other times it needs something else. And Kinesiology muscle testing helps to identify these supplements.

On the other hand, it could be that a supplement that you're taking might actually be making you worse. Or the amount of (or mix of) supplements you're taking might not be right for you at this present time.

Either way, if you suffer from ME/CFS it's not advised that you leave this type of thing to chance. From the type of supplement, to the brand and dosage...

... guess and there's a possibility that you might guess wrong and unknowingly worsen your condition. kinesiology muscle testing

Kinesiology Muscle Testing ~ Finding The Right Balance In Your Supplement Intake...

I'm not writing this to scare you. I am writing this because I used to read articles and books on ME/CFS, read a random recommendation about a certain herb, vitamin, mineral etc. and its dosage - and promptly go out, buy some and start taking it.

What was I thinking???

I didn't give any consideration to the fact that everyone is different - especially when it comes to M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.

I didn't give any consideration to how ME/CFS sufferers are soooo sensitive to the things we put into our body. Because of this, the mix of supplements and corresponding dosages must be finely balanced, in tune with your body and what it can take at that present moment in time...

Overload your body (or take the wrong type of brand of a supplement) and it can worsen your symptoms. Take too little, and you could just be wasting your money...

So listen up!

If you suffer from M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome:

Believe it or not, some supplements can actually lower your vital force. Choose the brand, type, and dosage of your supplements very carefully. In fact, it's advised that you ask your doctor (or a nutritionist) to recommend a supplement program for you (that they can modify as your body's needs change over time).

And if possible, have a Kinesiologist test your supplements on you to see if they are doing some good for you (via Kinesiology muscle testing ).

In fact, a good trained Nutritionist/ Kinesiologist (who has a good working knowledge of M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome) can do both (i.e. recommend a suitable supplement program, and test the supplements on you), hence saving you time and money.

kinesiology muscle testing Unfortunately many ME/CFS sufferers are housebound or just can't afford to see a kinesiologist (Tip: ask them if they do special rates).

If you can't get to a Kinesiologist then try to at least go for good quality supplements. Even then, it still doesn't address whether that particular supplement will help or hinder your recovery from ME/CFS but it's a good start in the right direction.

So if have ME/CFS and if you can - try to get a kinesiologist to test your supplements on you, even if it's just once (via Kinesiology muscle testing ).

At least then you're less likely to waste money on supplements that do nothing for you (or make you worse), and you'll know that your body is at least responding well to what you're taking.


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