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Book Review Of Lynn Michell's Book 'Shattered'

One of the best accounts of what it's really like to live with ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.

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Shattered by Lynn Michell is a book with a difference. There are probably 1001 medically-based books on ME/CFS out there, but this book isn’t another one to add to that list.

Lynn Michell's Shattered gives a stark and real account of what it’s like to LIVE with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). But I find that the back-cover blurb really doesn't do this book justice. After having read the back cover I was actually surprised at what I found when I read the book itself.

As a Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) sufferer myself, Lynn Michell's Shattered is definitely one of my favourite books on the topic. It definitely highlights the fact that many ME/CFS sufferers share similar negative experiences when it comes to facing the medical profession, social stigma, and much more besides.

I highly recommend it to all who suffer from ME/CFS, but perhaps especially for those who want to gain an insight into the world of a ME/CFS sufferer. In this respect, Lynn Michell's Shattered is a good eye-opener for carers, friends and relatives of sufferers who may not understand what it's really like to live with such a debilitating illness.

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