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Can Melatonin Help You Sleep Better?

Melatonin is your natural 'sleep hormone' that your brain produces when it gets dark. And guess what?

ME/CFS and FMS sufferers have been shown to have abnormal levels of melatonin...


Research suggests that ME/CFS and FMS sufferers have interrupted sleep patterns. This can partly explain why we always feel so weak, exhausted and unwell...

You see, everyone needs 'deep' sleep in order for their bodies to repair and regenerate themselves adequately.

But if you have ME/CFS or FMS, your body probably isn't able to get enough of the deep sleep it needs to repair itself because of these interrupted sleep patterns.

If you have ME/CFS or FMS , this could explain why you can sleep for so long and still feel exhausted and unrefreshed. Because according to medical research, the sleep that you're getting just isn't likely to be good quality sleep!

So getting the best quality of sleep that you can, is important when you have ME/CFS or FMS.

In my research, I found out that many sleeping tablets can actually prevent you from getting the important deep sleep you need! melatonin review , melatonin suggested use

Then I came across 'melatonin'...

melatonin review , melatonin suggested use Please remember that I am a Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome /CFS/ME sufferer myself but I am not medically trained! (Please see disclaimer at bottom of page for more info.)

Melatonin Review : Melatonin Suggested Use

Many ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia specialists, including Dr Charles Shepherd, suggest that sufferers try a low dose of melatonin supplements before bedtime, to help them sleep. In fact, melatonin supplements are used to treat insomnia and jetlag (a suggested use for melatonin).

So not only can it help you if you're not getting good quality sleep (melatonin suggested use)...

...but also if you are not able to sleep at all, or want to try changing your sleeping hours (many ME/CFS FM sufferers find that their sleeping patterns become reversed so that they are up at night and are asleep during the day).

My Melatonin Review

So here's my melatonin review...

Sometimes I take melatonin when I can't sleep. It does help sometimes - but not all the time. And it doesn't work on me at all when I have really bad insomnia. Having said that, melatonin is still the one treatment that works the best for me so far when it comes to helping me sleep.

The only other downside is that sometimes (not all the time) melatonin gives me vivid dreams - really wierd ones! But that's nothing if it's in exchange for a good night's sleep!

Either way, what doesn't work for one person, might work for another. So you never know - melatonin might work better for you than it does for me! Best to make sure you check with your doctor before you take melatonin though.

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