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melatonin :: too much

Melatonin Side-Effects - Is Melatonin Safe?

Subject: Melatonin :: Too Much.

Can you take too much melatonin?

Find out about some side effects and a particular melatonin drug interaction below...


According to many sources, melatonin (in recommended doses) appears to be a safe treatment for sleep regulation. A 5 year study on 5000 women in Holland revealed that melatonin is apparently not dangerous (safety melatonin ) even when taken in high doses of 75mg.

However at these high levels the researchers reported that melatonin could replace the birth control pill because the high dosage inhibits oestrogen production (melatonin too much ).

The good news is that no reports have been found of this happening when people take smaller recommended doses of melatonin (melatonin too much ). So it's best to stick to the small recommended doses only (melatonin too much ).

There are apparently no serious side-effects of taking synthetic melatonin supplements (safety melatonin ). [More on Melatonin (overdose / too much) here...]

Possible Melatonin Side-Effects

Melatonin supplementation does not appear to be habit forming either (safety melatonin ). But you can apparently experience mild side effects of melatonin if you take too much of it.

In his book, 'Living With M.E.', Dr Charles Shepherd writes:

"Melatonin isn't habit-forming, but around 6 per cent of users report side-effects, including vivid dreams, nightmares and daytime drowsiness. No serious long-term side-effects have as yet been reported."

-- Dr Charles Shepherd, 'Living With M.E.', p 78 --

Possible mild side effects include (list not exhaustive):

  • headaches (melatonin: when you take too much )
  • morning sleepiness (melatonin too much )
  • fatigue (so keep an eye on this if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) (melatonin too much )
  • nightmares or wild and vivid dreams (melatonin too much )

These side effects may be experienced because your body is already producing enough melatonin by itself and doesn't actually need more melatonin supplementation. In this case, it might be wise to cut down the dosage.

In fact, it's generally recommended that you should only take melatonin supplements if your natural melatonin levels are low. In any case, it's always best to consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Ask your doctor if he is aware of any drug interactions and side effects.


Some Other Safety Precautions
For People Who Wish To Use Melatonin

There are also theoretical ideas about how melatonin works and, based on these theories, some authorities recommend against using melatonin if:

  • you're depressed (safety melatonin )
  • have schizophrenia (safety melatonin )
  • have an autoimmune disease (safety melatonin )
  • have any other serious illness (safety melatonin )
  • are pregnant or nursing (safety melatonin )
  • are a child (safety melatonin )

Obviously it's also best to avoid driving and operating machinery for several hours after you've taken a melatonin supplement since it makes you sleepy (safety melatonin ).

This section only touches upon the topic of melatonin. But as you can see (and as with any supplements), it's definitely worth consulting with your doctor before taking it.


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