Mononucleosis In Toddler s, Babies (Infant s) & Children

Apparently mono in children often goes undetected. This is because young children (including toddler s and babies ) usually have few or none of the symptoms that teenagers and adults have when they have mononucleosis .

If your child /infant becomes ill with mononucleosis they are far more likely to have ‘non-specific’ symptoms such as a loss of appetite or a fever.

Mononucleosis in toddlers, babies, and young children is likely to be picked up via saliva from family members or play mates.

The incubation period for children and teenagers is usually about 1-2 weeks; much less than for adults (10-60 days).

Mononucleosis Baby, Toddler & Child
- Medicines & Painkillers

If your child has been treated with ampicillin or amoxicillin, your child may get a pink rash all over his or her body (if they have mononucleosis ).

Although mononucleosis cannot be cured, its symptoms can at least be eased somewhat. At any rate, the symptoms of mononucleosis will usually go away on their own.


mononucleosis baby , mononucleosis infant , mono in child , mononucleosis in toddler , toddler mononucleosis If you decide to give your child /infant painkillers, many sources advise that you should NEVER give them aspirin when they have any viral illness (including mononucleosis ). This is because Reye Syndrome (which can lead to liver failure and death) has been linked to virally infected children who have taken aspirin.

So please, NEVER give your child aspirin when they have mononucleosis or any other virus!

Mononucleosis Baby, Toddler & Child
- Refraining From Energetic Activity

A symptom of mono can be an enlarged spleen. So if your child has mono , it is advised that they do not take part in any vigorous activities or contact sports (to prevent their spleen from rupturing). This even includes things like play-fighting with friends or brothers and sisters!

It is also recommended that you wait until your child’s doctor agrees that it’s safe for your child to return to taking part in any type of vigorous activity.

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