My Experience With M.E. And Doctors - By Jules

by Jules

I have suffered from M.E. since an operation for dental implants. I was on many pain killers and antibiotics.

My complaints of fatigue and pain insomnia and so forth, were ignored by doctors. I managed to recover with rest and the help of a varity of herbs anti viral and immune support.

I had just got my life back on track when I had vaccinations for a world wide trip. I fell into the worst bout of ME ever: The symptoms came back on the day I had the jabs.

I would be bed bound if it was not for the herbalist and my knowledge of herbs. But it has proved impossible to recover so far, even with the help of my medical herbalist.

Doctors have been the worst part of the illness, disbelieving me. They told me I just had depression and that I should go out everyday. This gave me a terrible relapse.

Also the advice to go jogging if I couldn't sleep was plain stupid as I couldn't walk down the road let alone jog!

My doctors' ignorance is worrying to say the least. They swear an oath to state that they will do no harm and use the latest science. It seems criminal that they don't have to keep educated on these things, not to mention how frightening it is to realise just how little many GP's really know.

Also, I don't think that linking Fibromyalgia, which is listed as a soft tissue disease in the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a good idea. ME is a neurological illness. These two illnesses have different gene studies and different treatments are required. It just adds to the confusion of doctors and leads to the wrong treatment being issued. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever died from Fibromyalgia but many have died from ME.

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