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Overdose Melatonin

Can You Overdose On Melatonin Supplements?

Can you overdose on melatonin supplements?

And is there any danger melatonin supplements have?

This page looks at some of common concerns relating to overdose on melatonin...


Your body produces about 0.1mg of melatonin daily. Doses of 10-50mg are apparently used in cancer treatments. And a Dutch study suggested that 30mg of melatonin daily could act as a contraceptive, so be careful about how much you take...

Is a lethal overdose of melatonin possible?

Well researchers cannot seem to identify a 'lethal dosage' of melatonin, but nevertheless, melatonin will apparently build up in your body if you take regular high doses of it.

The consequences of taking regular high doses of melatonin are still unknown. But one study in Holland tested doses of 75mg of melatonin on 5000 women over a period of 5 years and concluded that it was not dangerous, even at these high levels.

Nevertheless, when it comes to taking any kind of supplements, it's always best to be cautious. Talk to your doctor before taking any melatonin supplements.

Overdose Melatonin :: How Much Melatonin Should You Take?

Dr Shepherd recommends the following dosage for ME/CFS sufferers in his book, 'Living with M.E.'.

"A number of doctors, including myself, believe that melatonin (in a dose of 2-5mg taken at night) can be of significant help to some people with CFS/ME, especially those whose normal sleep/wake cycle has become severely distorted in the course of their illness."

-- Dr Charles Shepherd, "Living With ME", p78 --


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