Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome - Deby's Story

by Deby
(Milwaukee, Wi)

I have had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome since October of 2006. It took me almost a year before someone was able to tell me what was going on.

Finally I was sent to a Psychiatrist, who told me that he felt that what I have is Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, (which when I first looked up on the internet fit like a glove) and that I needed guidance on how to go forward with my life.

In November 2007 I was also diagnosed with spastic bowel syndrome.

Before having Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, I was an adventurous person who took frequent trips with her husband of 32 years. My husband and I were very involved grandparents. For 7 years we only had 1 grandchild and we took her countless times and to countless places.

We would garden all summer long as well as work on my 1000 gallon pond. I would take my grandchild shopping for gifts for her parents. We would take her to the zoo, for trick or treating, and take her to the pumpkin farm.

Then along came our first grandson who we were just starting to get involved with... THEN wham I'm sick, and all of the above goes away.

I started out with a sinus and ear infection, hopped on a plane the next day to see my daughter and have never ever been the same since.

I have seen countless doctors, been through countless tests, been x-rayed, MIR-ed, scoped in all the places you can imagine. I also lost 25 lbs.

I go from days of sleeping all day, to days when I feel somewhat like myself. Those days unfortunately do not happen often.

I have been to a Holistic counselor, an acupuncturist (which did give me back my spirit but nothing else), and a psychotherapist who told me that I really don't need him as I was very much in touch with what is going on with my body. I feel that I have been to every source that I can think of, both western and eastern medicine.

I have lost my job, have medical bills, and the cost of going to the mayo clinic. I have also lost my life. I feel as though I cannot be a complete wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

My GP is a wonderful supporting man - which makes this easier.

I can NOT say enough about my husband. He has supported me through all the tears, extreme depression and on and on. The rest of my family has been great also, although it is hard on my granddaughter who says that she missing our time together (which just rips out my heart).

I also have a great friend who was my friend and then my boss, during the 10 months of this then 'unknown illness' (I kept working against my doctors orders). She also has been there through the tears, and low times. Even though it is hard on her because she 'lost the old Deby' as she says. She also watched me go from a productive happy upbeat person, who became this very unproductive, depressed person.

Once I went to the Mayo clinic my doctors here at home would not release me back to work. My employer tried to work with me to keep my job, but after 4 months of me not being able to tell them if or when I may be able to come back to work, they released me from my job. They did treat me well. They gave me a great package, which helped out a lot.

I have taken up jewellery-making as it is a productive activity. That makes me feel good - to be able to do something other then just sitting around the house.

I have all the classic symptoms, indescribable exhaustion, foggy headed, depression, feeling like I was hit by a train, cannot be around the use of chemicals, smoke, mold, and at times I can't even talk like a intelligent person.

I can go from feeling good to feeling my worst in a heart beat.

On my good days I tend to push myself (sometimes more than I should and then I pay for it for weeks). That's where I am at now.

I was so glad to find this website, the ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome video that you (Sleepydust) have to explain what I am going through put me in tears while I was watching it. It said so many of the things that I have/am going through and cannot always put into words.

Thank you for letting me tell my story. It really does help to know that there are people out there who really do understand what I am going through.

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