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Why Include A Super Food In Your Diet?

This page is all about superfood and why superfood may play a helpful part in your diet...


In today's western world, most of the 'healthy' population don't eat well enough to have a balanced metabolism. In fact, even if you're healthy, unless you're completely obsessive about the way you eat, or take a good quality 'super food '-type supplement, you're unlikely to be getting all the nutrients your body needs in order to have a balanced metabolism.

And as ME/CFS or FMS sufferers, we're no exception. When you have ME/CFS or FMS, your diet and what you put into your body, is vital to your well-being. And unfortunately, as ME/CFS or FMS sufferers we often have many nutrient deficiencies...

What's more, we only know of about 90 nutrients that our bodies need in order to survive. But if you try to raise an animal on just those 90 nutrients, it won't survive. This means that other nutrients exist, which we need in order to survive, but that we just don't know about yet.

So for now at least, the only way we can get those vital 'unknown' nutrients into our bodies is via food. And that's what a good quality 'super food' helps to do. That's why I like super food so much - because the power of super food seems to be unmatched when compared to other supplements.

Now, while taking supplements in the form of isolated vitamins and minerals is very much recommended, they are apparently not as well absorbed by your body as when your body receives them in food.

This is why I like 'Pure Synergy' super food. It's the 'Royals Royce' of super foods, and the most effective super food I've come across to date. For me, it makes the best energy drink - and it's ultra-healthy.

The Power Of Super Food

Because Pure Synergy is a super food (and in my opinion, makes one of the best energy drinks when mixed with fruit juice), the nutrients are more readily absorbed in your body. You can have the Pure Synergy super food in powder form:

  • for breakfast (I take it with juice - personally, I've found that it's the best energy drink for me); or
  • as a snack if you're running low on energy (again I take the super food powder with juice as an energy drink ).

But if you're not keen on taking the Pure Synergy super food in powder form, you can also get them in capsules too. And of course, there are other brands of super food out there, but in my opinion, you get the most power of super food from Pure Synergy because it's just such good quality.

Pure Synergy : The Power Of Super Food

At the time of writing this, I am largely housebound because I have Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. Not many supplements and items seem to give me the extra boost I need. But when I take Pure Synergy, I can really feel it working - it certainly makes me feel a little stronger whenever I take it and that's why I love it so much. Very much recommended.

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